How can we help with your Infrastructure Management?

What are your IT network management needs?

“We have a technical project that we need someone to manage for us.”
Let our experienced technical project managers take control. We can manage your project
for you on a full-time or part-time basis — whichever suits your needs.
Whatever stage your project is at — inception or implementation — we will provide the
management you need to see it through to completion.

“Our current IT network is no longer meeting the needs of our business.”
Our technical experts will work with you to identify your exact requirements. We will then
propose a series of technical initiatives to fulfil those requirements, with full details and
Once a course of action has been agreed, we will be happy to manage and implement the
project for you, from design and configuration through to completion and handover.

“We have a small IT department with the skills to meet our daily support needs, but we
need some additional help with IT strategy and direction.”
Not all in-house IT departments have the skills or experience to develop new IT strategies —
that’s where we can help.
We can provide an experienced IT manager to act as an interim/virtual IT manager or virtual
IT director for a short or longer-term basis.

“We would like someone to review our IT costs and identify cost-saving initiatives.”
We can review your entire IT and telecoms cost base in order to identify potential savings.
We will work with you to understand your current IT costs, looking at the contracts and
agreements that are already in place.
We will evaluate the savings that might be achieved by using replacement technology,
renegotiating existing contracts or moving to new suppliers. Then, using our expertise and
contacts, we will propose a number of options to help save you money.

“We are an IT services company and need some additional resources to deliver a client
project for us.”
Whether it is a short-term contract, a one-off project or a more ad hoc arrangement, we can
work with you to deliver your client’s project.
We will happily operate from one of your email addresses, use your business cards and
present ourselves as members of your organisation.